Receptionist Phone Etiquette 101

Answering the phone isn’t something we put much thought into. It should be as simple as conversing or helping a customer who enters your business. But a phone call is often the first interaction a client can have with your company, and it’s crucial to have proper phone etiquette. As customer communication experts, CCSP has …


Book More Appointments Using an Answering Service

A business can live or die by the number of appointments they have each day. An appointment is a billable moment, and a full schedule results in more billables. A calendar with holes means fewer billable hours and less revenue. Creating ways that allow customers to schedule and manage appointments can increase overall revenue. Businesses …


5 Reception Best Practices

The reception area is the first visual impression customers get of your company, not only in appearance but what processes you have in place. The physical reception location, as well as your phone reception procedures, are a representation of your company. The first interaction potential customers have with your business is often over the phone. …


Selling a Call Center in Distress

You have acknowledged that your business is in distress, and the best course of action is selling your call center. Though your distressed answering service won’t get you much money, following these tips will allow you to make the best of the situation and exit as gracefully as possible.

How to Beat the Holiday Blues in the Workplace

During the winter months, most offices are pushing through the holidays to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and serve a busy stream of customers. However, life outside the office is a swirl of activities, holiday to-do lists, and employees’ time off the clock hours are full! Unfortunately, this shift in the holidays also can bring on …


Doing Business During Trauma: First Notice of Loss

With low phone battery, no electricity, and belongings in ruin, thousands of Americans every year must spring quickly to rescue themselves while experiencing the traumatic event of surviving a natural disaster. The background of every First Notice of Loss call …


Getting the most out of your CRM with an Answering Service

If your company is owned by a master tradesperson, Service Fusion is a game changing behind the scenes tool for running an entire business without formal accounting, management, finance, customer experience and marketing education, or the budget for these expensive hires.


Do you really want an answering service talking to your customers for free?

Free answering service trials are a marketing strategy targeting deal-conscious consumers, and attempt to cast a friendlier light upon the answering service industry.

Use an Answering Service to Cover Sick Days

Unlike a vacation, which employees schedule in advance, no one plans a sick day—or at least most people don’t. In most cases a sick day is not a pre-arranged absence. So what do you do when your receptionist calls off at 7:45 in the morning?

The idea of hearing a ringing phone all day and knowin…

40,000 Vaccines and Counting

The vaccination rollout is proving itself the largest vaccine rollout in human history. Companies like Call Center Sales Pro are in the epicenter, springing to action to prop up the communications force behind the effort.

What Is a Call Center?

If your business operates outside the call center industry, you may have trouble answering this question of “What is a call center?” But it’s an important one to ask and even more critical to give careful consideration to the answer.

While some businesses know they have a corporate call center, most …

Implement an Agent Development Program

Call center agents, your public-facing staff, are key to your call center’s effectiveness and fuel the success of the overall organization. Successful agent development starts on their first day of employment and continues every day after that. This begins with their initial training, continues with…


Agent Success Starts With Great Training

In the call center arena, your frontline people are key to success. This starts on day one of their employment in their initial training. Here are some tips to foster successful agent training.

Pick the Right Medium
There is a time and place for online training, but self-directed instruction will not …


How Not to Sell Your Telephone Answering Service

There are some commonsense steps to take when selling your telephone answering service, just as there are when selling anything. Common key elements include presentation, promotion, correcting problems, and so forth.

At the risk of comparing a business to a vehicle, would you abuse a car, drive until…


Why You Should Consolidate Siloed Call Centers

It’s likely your hospital system has at least one call center, a centralized place that handles calls. This may be for a department, a building, the facility, or the entire network. While some healthcare operations wisely have only one comprehensive call center, other networks have a dispersed array…


Use an Answering Service to Schedule Appointments

Some businesses and professionals live or die by the number of appointments they have each day. For them, an appointment is a billable moment. A full schedule results in a full day of billing. A schedule with holes means fewer billable hours and less revenue. Downtime equals disappointment.


Use an Answering Service to Cover Staff Meetings

It’s a dilemma. You want all of your staff to attend your staff meetings, but that leaves no one left to answer the phone when it rings. After all, the meeting is for all staff and to exclude one person by removing him or her from the discussion doesn’t make sense, and an absence implies that person…


Make Sure Your Email Has a Clear and Easy-to-Use Opt-Out Procedure

A key to keeping in touch with prospects for your answering service or call center is to collect email addresses and send out periodic updates or informative newsletters. We call this email marketing. In a post about the legal aspects of email marketing, we shared six tips for success. Tip #4 was “P…


Are You Sick of Hearing Complaints about Your Answering Service?

If you are the owner of a small business or the business manager in charge of overseeing your answering service, does it sometimes seem as if your answering service is more hassle then they’re worth? Here are two common pain points many small businesses have when they hire the wrong telephone answer…


Finding a New Call Center is a Big Deal

Finding a new call center to service and handle your calls is not something to pursue with casual indifference. There is much at stake. You can’t afford a misstep, not for your company or for your career. While making the right selection could earn you praise, a bonus, or even a promotion, making th…