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Medical Answering Services

  • 24/7 medical call coverage for:
    • Phone appointments
    • On-call management
    • Urgent calls
  • HIPAA-compliant call center with outsourced medical phone agents
  • Strength patient-medical provider experiences with compassionate and quality medical triage services.

Partnering with Healthcare Leaders

  • Medical answering service for private practice
  • Emergency triage call services for hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • On call telephone agents and secure HIPAA-compliant data management for medical schedulers and health care providers.

Healthcare Answering Services

MedCall Plus provides a vital 24/7 healthcare answering service, connecting patients with providers through trained agents. Our proactive team ensures every call is answered, offering HIPAA-compliant support (including appointment scheduling and message dispatch) to meet medical practitioners’ needs and improve patient satisfaction.

HIPAA Compliant Call Center

MedCall Plus actively upholds patient privacy and data security by strictly complying with HIPAA standards. As a HIPAA-compliant call center, we maintain the confidentiality of sensitive health information, reinforcing trust among healthcare professionals and their patients. Moreover, our advanced encryption methods align with HITECH Act requirements, further safeguarding electronic health records from unauthorized access.

Custom Medical Call Center Solutions for Any Medical Practice or Provider

At MedCall Plus, we tailor our medical answering services to distinctively address the individual needs of each healthcare provider and practice. Our offerings enable an elevated patient care standard without the need for extra staff, extending support well beyond conventional office hours and efficiently handling increased call volumes. Enhancing patient satisfaction stands at the core of our mission, reflecting a healthcare practice’s reputation. By ensuring each call is met with a compassionate and professional response, we diminish patient wait times and frustration, amplifying overall patient experiences.

MedCall Plus specializes in:

  • Specialty Medical Practices, in fields such as orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, and more. We ensure that critical communication is prompt and professional, facilitating better patient outcomes.
  • Private healthcare practices, extending their operational capabilities and patient care services beyond their budget constraints, round-the-clock support without incurring the high expenses associated with staffing and managing an in-house call center.
  • Hospital Groups, where the stakes are exceptionally high, need reliable communication systems. MedCall Plus enhances hospitals’ front-line response with our comprehensive answering services, efficiently managing patient flows, reducing administrative burdens on staff, and allowing medical professionals to concentrate on patient care.
  • Dental practices that face off-hours inquiries and front desk overflow, ensuring high-quality patient support is always maintained.
  • Veterinarian Practices, offering 24/7 answering services to ensure that your clients’ cherished companions are never neglected, regardless of the hour or emergency.

Get Professional Medical Answering Call Services

As a HIPAA-compliant call center, MedCall Plus prioritizes the protection of sensitive health information, fortifying trust between healthcare providers and their patients. Our commitment to confidentiality is matched by our dedication to providing compassionate and professional service on every call. This focus helps to significantly reduce patient wait times and alleviate frustration, ultimately enhancing the patient experience and satisfaction. Contact us today to get a professional medical answering call service quote!