Business Process Outsourcing

Save time, money, and sanity by choosing the right partner to get the job done

Your Projects, Our Pros

Depending on the role, CCSP can be the provider that delivers the short or long-term specialized staffing you need at a fraction of the cost of in-house hires.

Business Process Outsourcing services


Outsource some or all of your fulfillment process to support your busy team. From taking orders to invoicing calls, our Business Processing team will function as a seamless extension of you.

Lead Qualification

Cut through the noise with our lead qualification expertise. It takes time to prioritize leads for your sales team so we can help qualify them with a process that works best for you.

Lead Generation

Launching a new product, service, or exploring a new market without an established audience is difficult. Our lead generation team comes equipped with insightful and confidence-rated tools to aid your success.

Appointment Scheduling

Setting up appointments can be stressful for small business owners needing more support or in-house staff. A full calendar is a key to success, and companies suffer loss of revenue by not focusing on appointment setting.

Sales Support

Our Business Process Outsourcing team takes pride in customer creation, experience, and retention. Based on your needs, we offer a unique mix of sales support services that can save time and money and help meet campaign target goals.