Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is a time-saving, money-saving, sanity-saving move made by companies choosing external partners to get the job done.

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Our Pros, Your Projects:

Depending on the role, Call Center Sales Pro can be the provider that delivers the short or long-term specialized staffing you need at a fraction of the cost of in-house hires. Outbound calling clients makes up the bulk of our portfolio within Call Center Sales Pro

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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Calling yourself a boutique answering service means that solutions must be driven by the custom requirements of their practices served. See the types of medical, hospitalist, and healthcare practitioners we serve on a daily basis.

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Add more departments to your business without having to buy a single cubicle — or cut your bottom line.

No matter the department, CCSP is ready to help. Our suite of BPO capabilities guarantee that you can focus on your core competencies while all other functions are tracked and handled. From small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations, needs arise to retain a firm of educated, experienced and professional talent to ensure trained specialists are always available, but only billing you for the time you’ve blocked. Our BPO services can step in as a temporary bridge to facilitate critical operations during a merger, downsize, expansion, special project, or vacancy. And when the project is complete? We work to explore adding our BPO as a permanent off-site extension of your team.

Simply put, our BPO clients outsource a comprehensive array of calls and related tasks which can be B2B or B2C in nature. Outbound call campaigns can expediently accomplish time-consuming work to augment or fully take the wheel for your company's customer service, marketing, lead generation, and more.

Outsourced outbound call plans are a cost-effective solution offered by Call Center Sales Pro’s specialized BPO department that hires, trains and purposefully selects the appropriate experts on our team that are well-versed in the specific type of outbound calling you request.

Hiring CCSP to work as an extension of your company fits your timetable and your budget. We will hold planning sessions with you to define the benchmarks you set out to achieve, and will consult with your team about the added value we can offer your project.

Without paying for the costly wages, absenteeism, onboarding and benefits tethered to in-house staff, your outsourcing account with Call Center Sales Pro will eliminate financial and staffing constraints. Some frequent types of outbound BPO Seat Packages we offer include:

Outbound campaigns, Telemarketing / sales

Appointment - setting

Appointment confirmations

Event Promotion

Market research, polling and surveys

Your company can block time with our dedicated agents and team members to work exclusively on your project, recurring monthly processes and more. Partner with us for most any function associated with administrative, HR, marketing or IT departments! Either book your own dedicated agents or opt for a right-priced team of shared-dedicated professionals, staffed by skillset.

Top FeaturesOur Pros, Your Projects:


Whether supporting customers with complicated order entry or working in the backend of your cloud purchase platform, our BPO team can work with your customers to facilitate transactions and fulfillment: and from initiating to following up on incomplete orders, collecting payment information, to tracking, and invoicing... all utilizing your provided supply chain.

Lead Generation

When you have a product, opportunity, event or professional service to launch but no established audience, it’s a quandary for many companies exploring a new area of the marketplace. Let Call Center Sales Pro’s BPO marketing support staff activate your B2B campaign by cultivating the names and contact information of the prospects who need to hear from you. Our lead generation team comes equipped with insightful and confidence-rated lead generating tools to custom build your call or e-mall list. Of course, we can also make the initial outreach on your behalf. Let us customize a package today.

Lead Qualification

When you begin hearing from interested clients and consumers, it can be difficult to prioritize the time and attention it takes when any one may convert. Combing through the crowd to identify your true would-be customers requires the insightful listening and the sharpest of eyes. Our BPO team can take on the lead qualification that works best for you, whether as a recurring first responder to your inbound requests for information to scrubbing your customer lists and warming them up for the close.

Appointment Scheduling

For all service-based businesses, a full calendar is the key to a success but the work of setting those appointments can be stressful to small business owners that lack a support staff or on in-house support staff that is already pulled in multiple directions. By not focusing on appointment setting, business suffer immediate, as well as long term, loss of revenue.

Sales Support

Our BPO team takes pride in customer creation, experience, and retention. We can care for your customers by providing information, troubleshooting, and concierge phone ordering support. Working with our customer success management team, Call Center Sales Pro will employ our boutique BPO account support by customizing scripts that sell. This can be take an inbound or outbound approach and be a time and money saving tactic in meeting campaign target goals.

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