CCSP Office Locations

CCSP and its brands have expanded quickly over the last few years. This, coupled with our philosophy of customizing to meet each client’s needs, has resulted in several locations.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Nestled within the smokey mountains is the home of CCSP and where it all started. All corporate offices are located at the home base and serve as the central hub. This location is equipped to help all our business segments and serves as a testing ground for new processes and improvements.

Tampa Florida Call Center

Tampa, Florida

The Tampa location is an excellent example of what it means to say we customize to meet the client’s needs. Our subsidiary brand, MedCall Plus, serves one of the largest Orthopedic groups in the Tampa bay area. We have become so integrated into the client’s practice that we are in their offices. Read the Case Study.

Merida Mexico Call Center

Merida, Mexico

Equipped with the best tools and located in a CCSP-owned, beautiful building, our Merida location exemplifies what ingenuity and efficiency can produce. Our bilingual employees serve all markets While enjoying the beauty of the Yucatan. Owned and operated by CCSP employees, this location is one of a kind.