Our 40+ years of industry experience means we have the answers your business needs, even when we aren't it.

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Growing your business — no matter the field, size, or scope — comes with a staggering amount of pain points to manage. Chief among those points often exist within customer communication. Even with a qualified team and functioning processes in place, these pain points will persist—holding companies back from realizing their potential.

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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Calling yourself a boutique answering service means that solutions must be driven by the custom requirements of their practices served. See the types of medical, hospitalist, and healthcare practitioners we serve on a daily basis.

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Increased Asking Price

Helped increase asking price by $100-300K through identification of specific revenue streams and reducing overhead for multiple clients

Fixed Operational Gaps

Fixed Operational gaps and increased sales price for 50% more than initial valuation

Monthly Sales

Improved client’s monthly sales from $150K per month to $350K

Increased Annual Revenue

Increased annual revenue of client from $2.5 to $5M

What’s next for your career and your business? We have the answers.

When CCSP isn’t the solution you need? We still can help! Our 40+ years of industry experience means we have the answers your business needs, even when we aren’t it. When considering advice, it is often most fruitful to find an objective expert in the area. Our senior leadership has had decades of success building multi-million dollar corporations of industries nationwide. Our consultancy adapts across verticals by specializing through dedicated market analysis and on-site observation. Our opinions have enabled more than 10 million dollars in positive outcomes for companies and their owners through dozens of processes. And all it took to start was picking up a phone...

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Gap Analysis

Whether the goal is to create more satisfied and loyal customers, ensuring the utmost care is achieved on every call, or make work a happier place... Call Center Sales Pro is ready to help. CCSP consults with companies to stop overspending on underperforming departments, vendors, outsource partners, and/or networks of centers handling their calls. We help companies sharpen up both the performance and profitability of embedded call centers beginning with our GAP ANALYSIS.

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Agent Training

We will assist in the facilitation to new procedures, move tribal knowledge into proper systems and databases and instruct on how to manage based upon our measurements.

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Script Writing

Is your script improving your bottom line, or keeping your callers in a quandary? For a high caliber of competence, cost savings and compassionate call care, Call Center Sales Pro is the scripting service that ties it all together. From the first greeting to the patch through instructions for priority callers, our agents depend on precise and engaging scripts to ensure the people interacting with your brand have the best experience possible— while your company's needs are met. Read More

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance training will educate employees about what HIPAA is, why it's important, and how to follow the guidelines. This includes learning about what PHI is, how to recognize it, protect it, and understanding how it's transmitted between Covered Entities and Business Associates. To avoid costly litigations, and protect patients’ health information, HIPAA training is essential to your work force.

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Acquisitions / Mergers

As the telephone answering services industry undergoes rapid consolidation, each and every owner and manager of an answering service should evaluate the ways in which their operations fit into the present scenario. They should also take all the steps necessary to guarantee a successful future. With experience in all facets of call center acquisitions and mergers, Call Center Sales Pro can help you analyze the changing landscape of the answering service industry as well as the options available to your business.

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Infrastructure & IT

It is a common discovery to find multiple systems are being paid for but only one is actually used. Also common, is that the most utilized technology is also the most antiquated. Our team will explore what technologies are available that can increase current performance, improve caller experience, as well as test solutions that can lower the overall abandon rate.

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