Consulting Services

We have the answers you need with 40+ years of industry experience and hundreds of successful clients

Meet the Pros

Your consultant should know the customer support industry in-depth, and we do! From IT infrastructure, to acquisitions and mergers, we have seen it all.

Who We Serve

You need more than just any business consultant. We offer an industry-specific approach. See the types of businesses we serve daily.

By the Numbers

Increased Asking Price

Helped increase asking price by $100-300K through identification of specific revenue streams and reducing overhead for multiple clients

Fixed Operational Gaps

Fixed Operational gaps and increased sales price by 50% more than the initial valuation

Monthly Sales

Improved client’s monthly sales from $150K per month to $350K

Increased Annual Revenue

Increased annual revenue of client from $2.5 to $5M

Areas of Consulting Expertise

Gap Analysis

  • Meet your business goals
  • Get an in-depth look at your company
  • Find discrepancies in your processes

Agent Training

  • Quality assurance coaching
  • Leadership training
  • Agent development and more

Script Writing

  • Reduce caller confusion
  • Increase consistency
  • Shorten call time
  • Improve your bottom line

HIPAA Compliance

  • Educate employees on HIPAA compliance
  • Avoid costly litigation
  • Protect patients’ health information
  • Build trust with patients

Acquisitions / Mergers

  • Determine the best existing strategies
  • Find options available to your business

Infrastructure & IT

  • Consolidate systems
  • Audit your technology
  • Increase performance
  • Test new IT solutions