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Call Center Pro’s real-time web portal is a complimentary account management platform accessible by smartphone, tablet, and computer devices. Through the miTeamWeb portal, we communicate and record all details about each call we take on your behalf. Clients can observe their most recent and historical caller activity, including call logs, hear recordings, and review billing data.

The portal is an efficient place to communicate with us about important account updates, such as identifying the most current members of your team who should receive messages or patched calls. It will also allow you to specify when, how, and who to connect with when different types of calls needs immediate support during and beyond your business hours.

While many answering services levy additional fees to offer the miTeamWeb application to their clients, Call Center Sales Pro will never charge you extra for using miTeamWeb. It belongs to a group of value added benefits you will always receive as a client, including enhanced customer care and account support.

For healthcare Doctors are busy and simply don’t have the time to talk to their answering service. Fortunately, the miTeamWeb portal can help them do just that. miTeamWeb is easy to use and accessible from any smart phone or computer. It allows for easy message management to view, reply, and share information.

In addition to messages, the miTeamWeb also allows full access to on-call information. With this, doctors and their staff can view, edit, and create

on-call schedules while protecting PHI and maintaining HIPAA compliance.