Small Business Answering Services

Owners of small businesses are flexible entrepreneurs, often stretched- by a multitude of overlapping priorities. Whether working on their own or with a small team, small business employees are tasked with several responsibilities that are difficult for many workers to juggle, let alone perform well. Bakeries, credit unions, boutique retailers, small to mid-size offices and tradespeople— nearly every size and shape of small business has come to Call Center Sales Pro to put their dollars to work for them.

What happens with your customers when you go home and the answering service takes over? At Call Center Sales Pro, nothing changes. Our secret to helping small businesses thrive is that we enjoy getting to know our clients and actively search for ways that our suite of services can step in to hold things together. Whether grabbing calls for your front-desk and floor staff or taking emergency service requests when technicians are busily out fixing broken down systems, we’re there offering easy-to-manage caller care.

Appointment Setting

While web-based, social media communications systems keep your clients in contact with you on a variety of platforms, they’re also in touch 24 hours a day. This isn’t sustainable for small business owners and can lead to disorganization and burnout. Let us work with you on our FullSlate scheduling platform, or even administer your own calendar, to log orders, deliveries, consultations, or even emergency service calls.

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