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MedCall Plus has solutions that allow our professionally trained Agents to become a seamless extension of your practice’s brand and culture. We are ready to support you with our extensive portfolio of HIPAA, Joint Commission, and HITECH compliant medically focused services with customized packages that scale to the volume of single physician practices to telehealth startups all the way up to being a communications lifeline for major medical networks.

MedCall Plus processes over 100,000 calls per month, booking thousands of appointments per day allowing you and your staff to support the needs of your patients. MedCall Plus transfers hundreds of calls per hour to each of your specialties / departments as if we were sitting in your office.

Our goal is to improve your patient experience, eliminate unnecessary call backs and reach a one-call resolution for every patient, referral network or physician call. We support staff productivity, and you see the results in your bottom line.

The features you need to cultivate success.


Appointment Scheduling

48% of patients are devoted to "Calling the Doctor" when they require communication with their physician's office.
(Kyruus, 2020)


Patient Access Solution

70% of patients say they are more likely to choose a provider that offers reminders for follow-up care via email or text.


Remote Receptionist

Admin and Clinical staff may spend up to ten hours a week on the phone assisting patients — a single 4 to 7 minute call at a time.
(CCSP Data)


Insource & Outsourcing

77% of healthcare marketers say insights from inbound calls and call experiences may reveal costly blind spots in their organizations.


EMR Integration

75% of patients reported they are more loyal to providers that invest in improving patient experience.
(Talkdesk Research™ Patient Experience)


Contact Center Consultation

99% of contact centers say their data intelligence strategy doesn’t currently meet their business needs!
(Customer Contact Week)

Meet the MedCall Plus Team

Our Team

Omnichannel communications to fit the needs of your patients, referral sources, on-call teams, and physicians

Specialized Agents for Dedicated ​or Shared Telephone ​Answering Services

In-source or Outsource Technology and Support Services

Fast Appointment Booking

Access to MiSecure PHI-HIPAA Compliant App

Joint Commission, HIPAA, ​ & HITECH Compliant

Contact Center Consulting

On-Call Management

Electronic Medical Record Integration

​Through partnership with MedCall Plus,
our clients have realized high impact results

  • Reduced internal abandon from   30% to an average of   5%.
  • Improved delivery of PHI for a hospitalist group allowing seamless communication to the delivery of consults with better and faster results.
  • Saved one-third of billable handle time from a previous provider by coupling the use of technology supported by well-trained agents saving our client an average of $0.80 cents per call 35,000 times per month.
  • Deployed technology and support services to a large organ donor team resulting in reduced call times while gathering mission-critical information to improve procurement times.
  • Integrated HIPAA compliant tools with large medical practice to save money per transaction while allowing the internal team to function in the same omnichannels — without breaches — while sharing PHI.  Implementation of these tools improved the overall patient experience while allowing the physician to share patient details with the administrative team to improve patient record keeping and billing.

"The past two years has brought about many positive changes to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of telephone communications between Glens Falls Hospital and its public. And the primary reason for the improvement goes to Call Center Sales Pro

What Our Customers are Saying

Complex problems require elegant solutions. MedCall Plus prides itself on working with every client to see their goals met. No secrets withheld, these case studies showcase what common medical practice concerns turned our clients to us in search for a new solution for their call care needs.

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