Vein Clinics of America – Case Study

Modernizing communications for a nationwide surgical center franchise


Whether it’s for medical or aesthetic reasons, patients across the country reach out to over fifty-five sites operating for the past forty years as Vein Clinics of America. A forty-year old name in the treatment of varicose veins and leg ulcers, the company was originally founded by a doctor in Chicago. Stymied by a high price tag for primarily analog call care solutions, VCA sought to find better technology to support their physicians’ communications and hopefully save financial resources.

A previous client of MedCall Plus’ parent company, Call Center Sales Pro, the client recently took on the CEO role of Vein Centers of America. Based on his positive experience with our company, he pointed Director of Call Centers Angela Smith to us when the time arrived to search for a new provider.

“Working with [MedCall Plus] has been a very easy process. So, I appreciate the relationship that we’ve built and just keeping the lines of communication open has been great. Next year VCA is looking at opening a couple more clinics so that is plan for the future, for us to grow. Absolutely, [MedCall Plus] will grow with us.”


-Angela Smith,
Director of Call Centers


  • Build miSecure / miTeamWeb Platform for Franchise of Clinics:By helping the Call Center Director activate user accounts on the Amtelco “miSecure” HIPAA compliant messaging app, physicians have been able to share communications, retrieve messages and move documents around electronically, saving time and money.
  • Use Logical Scripting and Programming to Project Cost-Savings Opportunities: In onboarding each phase of accounts, the team closely monitors the agent talk time and processes that can represent a subsequent cost savings. For the first 90 days of service, the scripting evolves as needed to eliminate minutes and expedite patient support. After closing their first quarter with all clinics live, VCA states they are “all good” with their MedCall Plus billing.

Organized Onboarding:

Groups of 10 clinics at a time were moved to go live with individual setup forms that varied by physician. MedCall Plus worked with each group of 10 to stagger startup and migrate the company in phases from a dissatisfying service provider to the new program, in approximately six weeks intervals. After nine months, Vein Clinics of America is fully transitioned to MedCall Plus.

Game-Changing Technology:

Feedback from the doctors at Vein Clinics of America tells a story of success through the “amazing” addition of the miSecure app to their communications.

Faster Client Support:

What took a full one-two days to resolve with their previous provider now takes 20 minutes to handle with MedCall Plus account management.


Although Vein Clinics of America is a nationally-recognized name in their specialty, each of their fifty-nine clinic sites maintains a local-feel of service that translated into a personal business relationship with MedCall Plus. With directives to offer an individualized setup for each unique physician, MedCall Plus initiated over the span of nine months a 51-licensed user accounts for each and growing as feedback from physicians spreads. Servicing their call care needs was done with relative ease in staggered phases of go-live for each clinic as the “paperwork” was refined throughout the process.

With routine medical answering service support being offered and a manageable call volume, the after hours and overflow support, as well as call routing for overnight emergencies, has been conducted at a cost savings to the client. Most importantly, MedCall Plus has made the client experience a warm and approachable one by building a collaboration with their Call Center Director, who intends to funnel future sites to our suite of services.