Use a Broker to Find an Outsource Healthcare Call Center or Answering Service

The healthcare industry is under pressure from all sides: government, insurance companies, patients, and stakeholders. Everyone demands more for less: Enhanced care, faster access, better treatment, less hassle, simpler billing, and so forth. At the same time, the healthcare provider or system needs to take in enough money to remain viable.

So when the decision is made to outsource your call center, no one has the time to invest in thoroughly checking out all options and no one can afford any miscues. The selection of an outsourcing call center partner must be made fast and it must be made right.

Enter the call center broker.

An experienced call center broker can quickly guide you to the right healthcare call center partner that has the experience, skills, and mindset to meet your needs and expectations. Here is what you can expect:

Fast Response

When you use a broker you can skip the formal RFP process. Most will bypass it altogether, but if that’s not an option, usually a streamlined mini-RFP will work just fine. Reduce the paperwork and slash the time lag. Move forward fast with confidence when you use a broker.

Vetted Options

The broker knows all the key players and has relationships with many. They won’t waste your time on a new entrant into the industry or a second rate player who’s trying to act top tier. They know who the consistent high-performers are. And they know whose strengths best align with your needs.

Informed Recommendations

With a broker, you stay in control. They will not decide for you. They present options for you to consider, and they will offer their input on the strengths and weaknesses of each provider. That way you can make an informed decision from a small number of top performers that match your needs.

Managed Transition

Professional brokers will oversee the migration to your new call center. Yes, you will be involved, but they will do most of the hard work and coordinate the myriad of considerations.

Ongoing Support

Expect your broker to provide continuing assistance. You decide on the amount of support you want. Your broker can function as a single point liaison between you and your call center in all matters. Or they can be on standby in case a problem arises. Or they can function anywhere in between.

If your healthcare organization needs to find a new call center or outsource for the first time, let a healthcare call center broker speed you on your way.

Janet Livingston is the president of Call Center Sales Pro, a premier sales and marketing service provider for the call center industry and who provides a healthcare call center matchmaking service. Contact Janet at or call 800-901-7706.

Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer from Southwest Michigan.