TAS Case Study #2

Making a Great Answering Service Even Better

Outside Help Produces Phenomenal Results for Industry Leader

The Problem: None The Opportunity: A large 100+ seat provider in the southeast United States offers full customer service solutions and telephone order entry capability in addition to more standard telephone answering service. Building on a tradition that spans more than three decades, they have a reputation as a market leader. This results from their attention to customer service, deep technological expertise, and a steadfast focus on hitting key financial metrics. But they knew they could do better. They turned to Call Center Sales Pro to guide them to the next level, with an eye toward retaining their corporate ethos and building upon their core competencies. The Process:  Call Center Sales Pro proceeded with a holistic approach. They took into consideration the culture of the company, with the intent to fashion initiatives around the essential elements of their client’s success. Their entire team works with this client, allowing each team member to focus on his or her specialty: operations, technical, billing, sales and marketing, programing, and so forth. In doing so they seek to bring in a cohesive message of innovation aligned with the client’s core competencies and well-established culture. Much of Call Center Sales Pro’s focus for this client centers on controlled growth through consistent sales and marketing initiatives in order to produce predictable and sustainable organic growth. However, sales alone only addresses part of the overall picture. Though not the case with this client, in many instances a focus on sales does not produce the desired results but merely aids in the discovery of serious problems in other areas. After all, controlled growth matters little when accompanied by uncontrolled cancellations. For this reason, the comprehensive approach of the Call Center Sales Pro team considers the entire operation. This ensures there are no other issues that will detract from the results of their sales and marketing projects. If deficiencies are uncovered, the appropriate team member will devise a plan to correct or redirect the issue. In the case of this client, the team found no major problems, but they were able to recommend several adjustments to current practices and provide direction to move the client’s current level of excellence to an even higher plain. The Key to Success: This client has many areas over which to be proud, yet they realized they could excel even more with the help of outside expertise. They hired the best and then got out of the way, allowing Call Center Sales Pro to move forward unfettered. The client sought professional advice and accepted it from Call Center Sales Pro with an open mind, refusing to force the process into its own preconceived ideals or expectations. Indeed, the two times Call Center Sales Pro fell short in producing the anticipated results for clients was when they acquiesced to those clients’ demands despite their well-reasoned apprehension for doing so. Because of this they have learned to say “no” to situations that force them to deviate from their proven processes and vast experience. The Results: While the Call Center Sales Pro initiative for this client is still in progress, the initial results are nothing short of spectacular:

  • Revenue growth in the first ten months stands at 40%,
  • the employee count to service new business has jumped from 80 to 140,
  • the growth continues to be scalable, and
  • EBITDA remains at an impressive 30%.