Orthopedic Medical Group – Case Study

Overcoming COVID-related call center challenges, MedCall Plus brings medical-expertise to outsourced call handling, outperforming and retraining internal support team


With “growth and innovation” in its DNA, Orthopedic Medical Group based in Tampa Bay, FL, had everything lined up at its seven locations supporting a busy specialty practice that employs 12 surgeons and growing. With a heavy call volume of up to 600 daily calls, their internal dedicated call center had managed to handle patients with grace, until COVID 19. In the fallout of staff shortages and dwindling metrics, Chief Operating Officer of OMG Ashley Thurston said, “our wait times were increasing, our turnover was really high in the call center and it was becoming a little bit more than we can manage.”

As a “larger” private practice, OMG was searching for a call care partner to outsource a portion of their call volume that could blend seamlessly with their call scripting procedures, keeping the boundaries between their chosen call center vendor invisible to their patient callers. When considering a few “big names” in the medical call center field, Thurston saw something unique in MedCall Plus, a partner whose business might mean more than other more “corporate” environments limited to “turnkey” solutions., Encouraged by the accessibility to customizable solutions, attentiveness and capacity to work nimbly alongside their internal operation, Thurston selected MedCall Plus with an eye toward closely monitoring metrics.

“We were really impressed with the way that you were monitoring your agents and the quality checks that you do. And we loved that you were sharing that information with us! That helped us use some of those techniques to monitor agents to do the QA with our people as well, so that was excellent.”


-Ashley Thurston,
Chief Operating Officer


  • Intensive Two Week Onboarding: With daily check-ins and recaps, MedCall Plus allocated a team of client services that provided training and evaluation to agents and brought the same people back to the client to finesse the scripting one day at a time, limiting reported issues to one-time events.
  • Transparent Agent Monitoring Scores: By sharing agent monitoring procedures and result the client built confidence in the process of siphoning call volume from internal call center to MedCall Plus while helping OMG sharpen its internal evaluation processes, bringing the cooperative call center teams to equal levels of excellence in quality assurance.

Seamless extension of their call center support team:

The client reported that the exactitude with which scripts are performed and followed enables patient callers to feel they are connecting directly to their medical office.

QA / Agent Monitoring Processes Replicated:

Through collaboration with the agent supervisory and learning and development teams, OMG absorbed strategies and processes that were able to be instituted in their own internal call center, yielding similar improvements to call times, call handling times, and patient caller experiences.


Hold Times Plunge to Under 15 Seconds:

With an average of a minute to grab transferred calls, the client relays delight to see that nearly all calls moved to MedCall Plus are greeted in 15 seconds or less.

Call Handle Times Reduced:

Calls that were reportedly lengthy in nature, completed only after at least 10 to 20 minutes in have shown to be steadily decreasing, meeting the client’s desire to optimize minutes and efficiency for their callers.

As OMG envisions its coming expansion to a new surgical center opening February 2022, the practice intends on reducing its core call center team to a much smaller internal resource whilst continuing to build up its partnership with MedCall Plus. Leveraging the medical specialization which has been Call Center Sales Pro’s signature touch in both the consulting and direct call center services over its 7 years in business has resulted in an incomparable level of service that can be both mom-and-pop in quality but big business in scope.

With OMG, the client required the dichotomy of both characteristics in a partner that would cherish the work. Satisfied with the “level of attentiveness” required to win their business, the client states they made the right decision to hand off a significant share of their call volume to MedCall Plus at a time when they are willing to invest significantly in their future.

This client relationship underlines exactly how MedCall Plus aims to help clients reinvest in their business: helping them to “do more with less.” At the same time, our customer service model optimizes the industry acumen available to clients as our brand standard, irregardless of the account size or profit projections.