Nephrology & Hypertension Medical Associates, P.C.

Saving time andmoney, MedCall Plus speeds up schedule management with half the billable time


MedCall Plus was pleased to begin service in 2021 for a nephrology practice established 50 years ago that has grown in the past decade from one to five clinics – managing cases through 11 physicians across two states. After losing a long-loved answering service partner of more than 20 years through a buyout, Nephrology reviewed several competitors, ultimately starting service with one that “could not grasp what we needed.” Mida Vause, Clinical Director told MedCall Plus.

With a complicated daytime office schedule, in addition to hospital assignments and night call assignments, Vause was frustrated with the inability of any of the companies considered. The chosen provider agreed to help manage the complex OnCall Schedule, but required the clinic team to input all the information every month into their answering service system after already populating their practice scheduling platform, doubling her time working on a task she did not want to repeat.

“I am very glad that we went from a wonderful, perfect experience to a terrible experience to MedCall Plus, otherwise I would be spoiled to think that the answering service process is easy and it’s not. That bad experience just helps me appreciate you guys even more. ….We’re always looking to expand and to get bigger. I don’t know how much more I can stretch… but MedCall Plus is coming with us!”


-Mida Vause RN,
Clinical Director


  • Build their OnCall schedule in our system for them. For a demo using the client’s metrics and information, MCP programmers manually input the client’s complex physician OnCall calendar into our Amtelco Genesis system to mirror the monthly schedule, shaving the client work down to providing only updates as needed.
  • Eliminate unnecessary billables:Our white glove implementation includes 90 days of closely monitoring the account to verify the package is right-sized. Needing only half the minutes requested based on the experience of the previous provider, the client was elated by a 50 percent savings when MCP reduced base minutes and added a front-end greeting.
  • Deliver team-based client services:After going live, there are periodic changes to scripting and call routing. When a change is necessary, client services is available immediately to execute updates right away. Of this, Vause raves, “If I send an email, I get a response generally within 30 minutes as call schedule changes go out. I love that it’s a team approach. So, when I’m sending an email, I’m sending an email to the entire team. So, if my account manager is at lunch, on vacation, or busy with another client, I still get pretty immediate a response and again, whenever there’s a bump in the road they’re so quick to fix it!”

Decreased billable minutes by 50%

Decreased administrative scheduling time by 50%

Custom Solution – Managing OnCall

Billing decrease

Enhance Productivity

Customer Service


Onboarding to MedCall Plus was described a “no bumps in the road” process Vause said, resulting in surprising account enhancements that saved money and time for the client.

The relationship with this client exemplifies how the MCP programming team is willing and capable of giving more than other contact management companies operating in the same space. Competitors marketing to medical groups may grasp the basics of regulatory compliance (like HIPAA), yet do not offer the value adds which can substantially alleviate the administrative work tethered to ongoing maintenance of the call center account.

In most cases, building a demo that reflects a comprehensive set-up and script for a new medical account will help the client to be able to quickly visualize whether or not the solution is right for them. MCP is willing to go this extra mile during the sales phase to showcase the customizations that other competitors will not attempt.

From sales to onboarding and going live, the client has grown to observe and appreciate that MCP is helping the practice to run more efficiently. A fruitful rapport with the MCP team has streamlined the client’s ability to seamlessly add existing clinics to their MCP account, with plans to grow the partnership as they open new offices the future.