LIVMOR – Case Study

Young start-up grows by building a customized lifeline for the elderly


LIVMOR is a Texas-based startup founded in 2016 by a pioneer in the medical device space. Working with a small staff size under 10 employees and a team of 30 contractors, they are partnered with AT&T and Samsung to offer cardiac monitoring wearable devices that are increasingly prescribed to the Veteran and Medicare-Aged populations. What was once a boutique-sized need for contracted customer support had outgrown their first vendor with a swelling patient load. After the milestone of crossing the critical FDA clearance phases of their product development and subsequent commercialization, LIVMOR began service of Tier 1 tech support through MedCall Plus.

Capacity to scale, healthcare experience, as well as inbound and outbound contact management were some of the overall requirements MedCall Plus met in order to work with LIVMOR. Adding to this a proven record of delivering high quality, efficient, and empathetic tech support by phone that was suitably scripted for older populations, MedCall Plus was an even better fit, becoming the “gear mesh” that satisfied a very unique array of terms and conditions to secure consideration and then the client’s business. While expansion dominates LIVMOR’s next stages, the client is seeking a solution to initiate remote onboarding. This would ensure access to phone-first device activation and an onboarding program that guarantees their field representatives can stay clear of the busy hospital setting. Moreover it greets their target customer “where they are.”

“If we want to go find a farm of people manning telephones that’s easy to do; Being a startup– having limited resources and such– it means… I almost think about a bike chain and you’ve got 2 different gears. We work with everyone from small B2B vendors, we work with Samsung and AT&T, we work with the VA– and for us, we have to be able to find the right gear mesh between all these different sizes and organizations. So the quicker we can find a mesh with a new company, we value that almost as much as anything.”

“For Medicare-aged patients, sometimes a phone call is the only medium and so we learn what [MedCall Plus] is offering, you’ve got some actual legitimate medical chops! You’ve got some personnel on your team, Registered Nurses, folks who understand the space, folks who understand nuances. That was a pleasant surprise to us because it immediately got the wheels turning of, “Hey? what else can we do with [MedCall Plus] besides just tech support?”


-John Sisson,
Director of Finance


  • Continuously Evolve Scripting for Tier-1 Support: MedCall Plus works cooperatively with the client to create logic-based scripts based on the product and market questions that arise over time.
  • Train agents to uniquely support tech needs for older populations: Through real-life use cases of product and through exhaustive trial, error, and consultation with the client, MedCall Plus required touch-and-feel mastery of the product through user training of agents.
  • Commit “we-grow-together” human resources: By providing daily check-ins and planning sessions, the medically trained client services team has been able to generate brand-building ideas alongside the client that mean new hires for MCP as LIVMOR’s customer base grows.

Readied to Become Knowledge-Based Call Center:

The client is prepared to increase account size by choosing MedCall Plus to be its exclusive outsource partner in all call-based first-points-of-contact with LIVMOR device users, bringing new team members in dedicated to supporting their growing patient base.

Reduce Escalations to Tier 2 Support:

By continuous updating of logic based scripting, the client is happy with the performance of MedCall Plus agents achieving one-call resolution.

Support Product Marketing and Scalability by Piloting Nurse-By-Phone Remote Onboarding:

Eliminating unwanted field tech visits to medical facilities and nursing homes, MedCall Plus has paired medical expertise with customer support to replicate in-person product training to a substantial piece of its future brand stakeholders that require telephone-based care.


For qualifying clients, MedCall Plus always considers investing in hiring a new corps of employees, whether they be shared or dedicated agents. As LIVMOR began service with MedCall Plus, the basics of level one or (Tier1) tech support for their product required an intensive first phase of account implementation. Working in partnership with the client to develop logical scripting that required updates as account data was collected, MedCall Plus assigned our medically-trained personnel to take point on the client services management of the account and designated an agent-trainer to become the internal product expert.

This allowed MedCall Plus to augment the logic-based call scripting to a white-glove customer/patient experience extended to customers of any age. As callers already enter the interaction with sensitive medical needs and device activation questions, it is essential to deliver the utmost communication skill in conveying brand empathy and technical support.

As new patients are directed to the LIVMOR brand, MedCall Plus has set to be the first-point-of-contact for all customers powering, using, and troubleshooting connectivity for their devices. To pilot the remote onboarding program, MedCall Plus has upgraded the dedicated agent service to an account-assigned LPN who will bridge the technical and medical spheres of the customer and product support with MedCall Plus co-creating the knowledge-based call center handbook that will guide the company through its accelerating sales.