Las Vegas Urology – Case Study

OnCall schedule management that beats the odds for a big practice in Las Vegas


Las Vegas Urology, the largest urology group in Nevada, comprises a network of 8 locations and 20 providers. With that comes a very challenging after-hours call volume. Though Senior Practice Manager, Jill Burt, was initially seeking an outsourced call center solution for a different challenge to their initial inquiry with MedCall Plus, several competing companies first considered left much to be desired.

MedCall Plus was attractive to the client because of eye-opening consultations with its medically-trained team, from sales through onboarding and account management. With an after-hours medical service inclusive to complex OnCall schedule support, the work of handling the OnCall portion, after hours and overflow call care was offered to MedCall Plus.

“Everything was very customizable. During the onboarding process it was– although time-consuming– it really worked to be able to go through everybody very independently. MedCall Plus was able to conform to what we needed instead of us having to having to fit into a box.”


-Jill Burt,
Senior Practice Manager


  • Las Vegas Urology operates one of the most difficult schedules a call center will ever see. Calls are routed by time of day, hospital, OnCall doctor, location of caller (east or west side of town) and insurance carrier. MedCall Plus trained its agents based on the OnCall schedule so the account setup, programming, and scripting was specifically and uniquely customized per physician, patient, and referral scenario. Thus, agents could follow intricate details with precision.
  • Programming worked to replicate the scheduling and scripting into a demonstration that allowed the client to visualize (within the MedCall Plus system) how human-errors would be eliminated as much as possible, along with showcasing an appealing accessibility to account data and metrics that would accompany service. The programming team designed an OnCall management process that would be repeated for the client to ensure all policies and protocols are maintained through a monthly three-hour update procedure.

Reduced Call Time by 70 Percent:

What began as a 10,000 minute per month service was scaled down to 3,000 a month through the implementation of IVR and a front end greeting.

Practice Management Improved Through Metrics and Data:

Reporting through the custom client dashboard has helped the client maximize their own resources, scheduling and make key adjustments to their patient communication system by allowing the call center partner to take the lead in routing calls during their busy overnight multi-location operation.


Increased Productivity for the Clinic Team:

Through OnCall scheduling taken aboard by the MedCall Plus programmers, the client sees a reduction in call center management time and has reduced the need for follow-up calls after the decrease in patient messages.

Account Management Satisfaction:

Client expresses trust with and appreciation for the ease of onboarding new physicians as they are added to their practice.

Las Vegas Urology is a specialty clinic network that requires a collaborative and flexible 24/7 partner for the contact management needs of their complex practice. Bringing an always-available team-based model of service, backed by a readiness to consistently tweak and update their account needs requires significant resources from the call center team, especially in the client services and programming sphere. While the client has not experienced a significant decrease in billing over their previous provider, their white-glove, healthcare-specialized support from MedCall Plus has liberated the practice manager to allocate her time and attention to the daily needs of their practice, having implemented as near of an automated process of personal call care as is possible.

Through entrusting our team to ensure the critical P.M. hours are handled “as close to perfect as possible,” Las Vegas Urology gives high marks to the agent and client services team.