40,000 Vaccines and Counting

Breaking down the numbers behind the COVID-19 Vaccination Support at Call Center Sales Pro
March of 2021 was a milestone month in the fight to defeat the global pandemic, declared one year ago by the World Health Organization as the novel COVID-19 virus was moving rapidly throughout cities and into the rural populations of nearly every nation. Though still climbing tallies of fatal coronavirus infections remain a clear and present reality, brighter news is breaking by the day with a far more optimistic daily metric to report.

Over the first three months of 2021, the vaccination rollout is proving itself the largest vaccine rollout in human history – a masterclass in public, private and community collaboration without rehearsal. Companies like Call Center Sales Pro are in the epicenter, springing to action to prop up the communications force behind the effort.

Medical providers, governmental health agencies, delivery personnel, the National Guard, neighborhood-focused outreach groups, retail pharmacies and grocers, volunteers, and thousands of newly-hired call center agents are supporting the pipeline having helped move 154 million doses of vaccine already into the arms of Americans across across the country, totaling 51 million now fully-vaccinated adults. That’s 15 percent of the country, and a promising measurement for those who continue to finesse effective public health campaigning to reach “the herd” target number.

In Seymour, Tennessee, two dedicated spaces within the Call Center Sales Pro corporate call center campus now are now housing its newest corps of agents, greeting thousands of Americans by the day with the best possible response:

“Yes, we can help get you a vaccine appointment.”

Through two large scale medical client service agreements, CCSP is delivering a suite of COVID-related contact management tasks that are bringing access to healthcare and vaccines to large swaths of the country.

“The logistics of meeting this moment are high pressure with quick turnaround for medical organizations who need call center partners with capacity to take on record high inbound and outbound calls and the expertise to pop up a fully dedicated team – almost overnight. We had relocated Call Center Sales Pro to East Tennessee with the labor market here at the top of mind. We had the infrastructure in place with space, technology, regulatory protocols and training. And when the time came, we were ready to hire big,” says CCSP President and CEO Janet Livingston, a 40- year veteran of the medical call center field.

For its first major COVID-related healthcare client, CCSP is primarily helping to schedule telehealth appointments and is now exceeding 30,000 total contact points since January, either helping patients schedule telehealth appointments over calls or e-mails. For this, 35 dedicated agents are managing the account and will soon scale to a 50-member strong team. Supporting Spanish-speaking patients at this time numbers almost a third of this client’s contacts.

Another community healthcare network came to Call Center Sales Pro to take on the phone system for 20 clinics connecting Californians living in primarily low income regions to the vaccine distribution program. With CCSP’s bilingual Spanish and English speaking live answering program, calls are fielded by the thousands every day. With 50 new agents in tow on this account and moving soon to 75, the first week of live agent service has fielded 11,000 calls to boost vaccine appointments for adults in their child and family health system. 65 percent of these patients supported have been fully Spanish-speaking patients.

More than this, CCSP is helping patients to access their providers’ schedules for other types of visits, including telehealth scheduling that helps decongest waiting rooms and protects vulnerable individuals from the still-feared medical office setting.

As states glide faster than early projections into new phases of vaccine eligibility and helplines stretch to meet demand for appointments, the initiatives will be leveling up as the federal government pressures the pace to pull all adults into the vaccinated pool as quickly as possible. Soon to follow will be the children across America.

“Call Center Sales Pro is heartened to work within the industry of telephony support companies that are behind the scenes of these very front lines, providing record volume hotline and live caller assistance for Americans across all spectrums of income, health and language considerations. We’re here as the bridge to connect healthcare companies and public health authorities to the population they are helping protect across all fifty states,” Livingston said.

While the journey ahead is projected to remain committed to fighting new COVID developments and the finish line not quite known, stopping to survey the progress builds hope as the next phase looms. For support in achieving excellence in the fast-paced and high stakes COVID-complicated medical space, call centers must be scalable, HIPAA compliant, environmentally safe and and attractive to talent. Call Center Sales Pro is pleased to have trained and readied almost a hundred new contact center and live answering service agents (and counting) to support the medical community in this movement toward COVID-safe communities.