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It is a common discovery to find multiple systems are being paid for but only one is actually used. Also common, is that the most utilized technology is also the most antiquated.

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Our team will explore what technologies are available that can increase current performance, improve caller experience, as well as test solutions that can lower the overall abandon rate. We will also note what technology may better serve functions currently performed by human capital.

During our technology audit, we review all systems in place (technology, hardware, personnel, and vendors) to take a holistic view of the flow of operations, tension points, and underutilized or undiscovered resources. Our methodology is to respond to issues and opportunities with recommendations that can be implemented utilizing the existing technological and human capital assets of the call center. We define and explain pathways to achieving best practices in each area of assessment and underpin recommendations with the “good-better-best” options for improvement — clarifying implications for the business in desired cost, patient/caller experience, and performance targets.

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