​Gap Analysis

Communications systems will fluctuate in scope and scale as companies evolve, making the specialized knowledge and guidance of call center experts an invaluable resource.

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As the industry’s premier consulting partner, we’re the team to design the careful balance that works for your unique brand and business style.

We know how to improve caller experience and increase successful outcomes across operations including abandon rate, technological processes, systems, and employee performance.

Exceeding better-than-expected targets for our clients’ operations means we prepare holistic, data-driven, and transformative outcomes. Our founding CEO and President takes the principal role in every consulting project we take on, harnessing the contributions of an unbeatable senior team. CCSP strategies also guide our call center network that handles contacts for the most complex of industries and clients in each sector we serve. We are involved in each pillar of our operations to the extent that we are cross-trained on the processes, programs and educated in best practices. This allows our call centers to achieve maximum client retention, keep great staff within our company, and ensure money is saved wherever possible. Under our umbrella, three million calls are processed annually.

Our Process:

During our free initial consultation, we will ask many questions to get to understand the vision of your company. You will learn more about our 4-prong approach to assessing operations, process, technology and education. We underscore our commitment to doing more with less; conserving expenditures while maximizing the efficiencies of what may already be in place. The fundamental first step is getting to know your stakeholders and designing our gap analysis. This factors the perspectives of key leadership, department managers, and agents on the floor, while our data analysis acts as a keystone for our review and ultimate recommendations.

We are consistently sought by major medical groups and also our competitors to plan and implement large scale transitions, right-sizes, and acquisitions. Our experience, expertise and ease-of-partnership will help establish a strategy your leaders can execute with promising results for years to come.

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