Our Culture

Call Center Sales Pro is a top employer in the Knoxville region. We are a respected name throughout the call center and answering service business trusted by the industries we serve. CCSP is a workplace where best-in-class service reflects the wellness, happiness, and space we cultivate for our team to thrive.

We elevate ourselves by committing to kindness, ambition, integrity, communication and accountability in all we do. Each of us is a leader in stewarding the values of our company. We encourage pride and ambition, expect great work, and model grace under pressure.


CCSP is a woman- and minority-owned small business located in the American heartland of Seymour, TN. We’ve ranked progressively among the top Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America. We are long-term providers to over 1000 industry-diverse clients and are excited to continuously create new solutions for small to multi million dollar businesses nationwide.


We’re a compassionate, multigenerational team that is welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Each of us has something to learn and something to offer. We want to know about and contribute to your story. We listen. We respect each other. We cherish the equality and dignity of each of our people. We care about families and the full life experience of all who surround us.

Life Inside the Center

Surprise lunches, celebration potlucks, and our bi-weekly QA lottery are just some of the regular events rewarding the cool things we accomplish at Call Center Sales Pro. Dressing for the day may mean Halloween cos-play, ugly sweaters, jeans day or business casual.

During COVID protocols, we’ve found safe new ways to cheer for each other in remote work and in our call center campus. Employee engagement activities are always on the calendar to ensure recreation and relationships are woven into life inside Call Center Sales Pro.

Because of the nature of our work, we serve as a lifeline in day-to-day business and unexpected events always. We take time to breathe and replenish our cups, then we strap in to deliver adaptive, continuous service in all situations. We are hard-working and committed colleagues who together make work an enjoyable piece of our lives.


Regulatory compliance, crisis management, customer experience and new tech are all parts of the job. Our learning and development opportunities provide education and practical training to all, ensuring preparedness in every customer interaction. Because our guarantee is to deliver cost-efficient service that helps boost bottom lines, we are customizing boutique support plans every day. Agents and management are specially trained for the accounts they’re fielding and learn to master their technologies. Teams help each other hone new skills. Systems are built to house open-source knowledge that promotes opportunities for growth, progressive responsibility and advancement.


Our product is support. The help we can offer to clients and industry friends makes a life saving difference in times of crisis. For this reason, it is our privilege that Call Center Sales Pro has the unique power to step up for our country during catastrophic events. In times of economic strife, we respond by creating customized continuity plans that can enable business survival and recovery. If our industry partners need help, we take the call.

Across our community, we align ourselves to families and community organizations in need with a priority to the Boys and Girls Club of Sevier County. We volunteer our expertise and regularly participate in financial corporate giving campaigns. On the inside, our employee assistance program is a staff-wide partnership that aims to ensure food security, emergency relief and assistance can be available to help our Call Center Sales Pro family be well – at home and on the job.

5 Commitments

Our workstations mean business for you, but our conference and break rooms are spaces of relaxation, expression and fun. We are supported by the five commitments of CCSP: Kindness, Ambition, Integrity, Communication, Accountability.