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Doing Business During Trauma: First Notice of Loss

With low phone battery, no electricity, and belongings in ruin, thousands of Americans every year must spring quickly to rescue themselves while experiencing the traumatic event of surviving a natural disaster. The background of every First Notice of Loss call …


Getting the most out of your CRM with an Answering Service

If your company is owned by a master tradesperson, Service Fusion is a game changing behind the scenes tool for running an entire business without formal accounting, management, finance, customer experience and marketing education, or the budget for these expensive hires.


Do you really want an answering service talking to your customers for free?

Free answering service trials are a marketing strategy targeting deal-conscious consumers, and attempt to cast a friendlier light upon the answering service industry.

40,000 Vaccines and Counting

The vaccination rollout is proving itself the largest vaccine rollout in human history. Companies like Call Center Sales Pro are in the epicenter, springing to action to prop up the communications force behind the effort.