Call Center Sales Pro Exceeds Expectations of Leading Healthcare Provider

Medical call center now shines as patients’ first point of contact to provide professional entry point for healthcare services

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, telephone communications between patients and provider networks continue to grow in importance. Call Center Sales Pro, a call center consultancy and outsource provider for the healthcare industry, is poised to do its part to ensure that successful phone interactions take place. They recently scored huge wins with a leading healthcare provider.

For this healthcare provider system, the past two years has brought about many positive changes to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of telephone communications between them and its public. And the primary reason for the improvement goes to Call Center Sales Pro.

Outsourcing Hospital Switchboard Calls

The first phase of the transition occurred two years ago when the hospital began sending switchboard calls to the healthcare professionals at Call Center Sales Pro’s call center. This offloaded an important piece of work from already busy hospital employees.

In doing so, this freed those staff members to focus on other things, while ensuring that switchboard calls were given primary attention by trained communication professionals. As a key statistical outcome, abandonment rates (callers who hung up) dropped 40 percent.

Healthcare Call Center Consulting for Healthcare Provider

Based on the strength and success of this initial effort, the hospital took the next step to advance the communications efficacy of their call center. Again they tapped Call Center Sales Pro, who now manages the call center for them. The Call Center Sales Pro team introduced many notable improvements over the past year.

People are the essential element that makes a call center shine. Call Center Sales Pro worked with the call center’s committed agents to enhance both their soft skills and hard skills. This included all-important HIPAA training, advanced customer service techniques, and enhanced communication practices. Call Center Sales Pro also handles the hiring and scheduling of agents, with the goal to have the right number of employees working each hour around the clock to meet the projected call demand.

Technology Implementation of Call Center Technology

From a technology standpoint, Call Center Sales Pro implemented the Intelligent Series (IS) from 1Call, a division of Amtelco and leading provider of hospital call center solutions. This streamlined the call-handling process by scripting calls and having essential information in the system’s database, instead of expecting agents to memorize things or look them up manually. With so much to remember, this was a great benefit to the staff by allowing them to access information with a few keystrokes.

Secure Messaging for Healthcare Provider Communications

With this leading healthcare call center equipment in place, the next step was to roll out new technology. Of great benefit to the healthcare practitioners at the hospital was the introduction of secure messaging.

One group of healthcare providers within the hospital was the first to experience the security and efficiency of secure text messaging. Not only does secure messaging allow the hospital to be HIPAA-compliant in its text communications—an essential, long overdue step —it also allows the recipients to communicate more effectively with the call center, saving time and increasing efficiency.

The miSecureMessages app made this possible and is a smart, modern replacement for the pagers that too many people still carry. Call Center Sales Pro will continue to roll out HIPAA-compliant secure messaging and the miSecureMessages app to the rest of the hospital staff who interfaces with the call center.

Disaster Recovery Communication Support For Healthcare Provider

In addition, Call Center Sales Pro provides disaster recovery support for the hospital call center to insure the continuity of vital communication services in the event of a catastrophe. They also supply call center billing services to invoice and process payments, interfacing with the hospital accounting department.

And these are just the beginning initiatives.

Going forward, they plan to introduce other new time-saving, quality-improving services. This long-term partnership between Call Center Sales Pro and the hospital has already produced significant results and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Call Center Sales Pro, a call center consultancy and outsource provider for the healthcare industry, is your one-stop solutions provider for healthcare call centers and related medical communication services. Discover how Call Center Sales Pro can help your hospital, clinic, or healthcare network communicate with increased ease and greater effectiveness. Janet Livingston is the president of Call Center Sales Pro. Contact her at or call 800-901-7706.

Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer from Southwest Michigan.