Are you looking for a new Answering Service or Call Center—Again?

We can help you take all the guesswork out of it. We will find the best partner for you that will deliver what you want and need. We know the challenge you face when you go to the market and you pick the top Pay Per Click contenders. Are they the best? Or, the only one you can find.

Call us today, Don’t do a RFP or an RFI. Suppliers know how to say what you want to hear. We will give you three qualified candidates that will meet your needs, and can represent your companies culture as a seamless extension of your business.

Vendor Management

Companies that prefer outsourcing their call center requirements can benefit by using the vendor management services offered by Call Center Sales Pro. These services can help in administering all interactions with a call center. Some areas include new campaign setup, reporting, program changes, problem resolution, and invoice verification as well as any other form of communication that might be required between the business and their outsourced call center.

In this way, Call Center Sales Pro becomes the single point of contact between a business and the various departments at their outsourced call center. They can also dual-source a project to a second call center to add capacity or facilitate changing call centers in case that becomes a necessity.
Corporate firms in numerous industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, and high-tech fields frequently make use of a vendor manager to find the right call center to meet their exact business requirements. Whether starting to work with a new service provider or outsourcing to a call center for the first time, Call Center Sales Pro considers how every call center partner might be able to represent the brand, demographic, and culture of their client. Then they can determine the outsourcing call center that is best able to fulfill those needs.

Call Center Sales Pro creates a work statement to ensure the delivery of reliable service to the customers of the client as well as to manage the call center to produce great results and achieve KPIs (key performance indicators) at the budgeted price point. Along with this, management consultant services from Call Center Sales Pro can detect call pattern trends to identify additional service enhancements, efficiencies, and cost-saving opportunities.

Janet Livingston is the president of Call Center Sales Pro, a premier sales and marketing service provider for the call center and telephone answering service industry – and who provides a call center matchmaking service. Contact Janet at, or call 800-901-7706.

Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer from Southwest Michigan.