​​Appointment Scheduling

 Our agents make the best first impression by streamlining your calendar, contact on-calls and schedule support appointments, while delivering concierge-level support.

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Convert Wasted Time Into Billable Hours

For all service-based businesses, a full calendar is the key to a success but the work of setting those appointments can be stressful to small business owners that lack a support staff or on in-house support staff that is already pulled in multiple directions. By not focusing on appointment setting, business suffer immediate, as well as long term, loss of revenue.

A Streamlined centralized scheduling system

Many scheduling platforms can eat up valuable time and create headaches through double-bookings, cluttered calendars, and other mishaps. CCSP’s agents can set appointments through a custom program we build with you that optimizes your business.

Increase revenue with CCSP Scheduling

With CCSP, the appointment desk is always open to your patients, service calls, and consultations that keeps your calendar up-to-date and prioritized around the clock.

Increase ease of appointment setting

CCSP’s expert appointment desk is ready with around the clock, Logic-based support to optimize your billable time, whether it’s filling the hole a last-minute cancellation left, an appointment next month, or a service call tomorrow morning.

Patient Intake

Alleviate the workload of reception staff by having the appointment desk collect and verify insurance information as well as distribute intake questionnaires.

Seamless Integration

Driven by your questions, your intuition, and your logic, our agents will book your appointments either through our API connection to your medical office’s ERM or through CCSP ‘s proprietary scheduling platform that streamlines all bookings.

Reminders and Confirmations

Our system builds in the appointment reminder and confirmation process to text, call, or e-mail your patients so you and your staff can focus on those right front of you.

Your System or Ours

Call Center Sales Pro agents can work within your cloud-accessible appointment scheduler with ease. Or, if you don’t have a solution handy, we’ll provide you one to meet your needs.

Add more departments to your business without having to buy a single cubicle — or cut your bottom line.

No matter the department, CCSP is ready to help. Our suite of BPO capabilities guarantee that you can focus on your core competencies while all other functions are tracked and handled. From small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations, needs arise to retain a firm of educated, experienced and professional talent to ensure trained specialists are always available, but only billing you for the time you’ve blocked. Our BPO services can step in as a temporary bridge to facilitate critical operations during a merger, downsize, expansion, special project, or vacancy. And when the project is complete? We work to explore adding our BPO as a permanent off-site extension of your team.

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